Henry X, Count of Reuss-Lobenstein

Henry X, Count of Reuss-Lobenstein
Spouse(s) Maria Sibylla of Reuss-Obergreiz
Noble family House of Reuss
Father Henry II, Count of Reuss-Gera
Mother Magdalena of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Born (1621-09-09)9 September 1621
Died 25 January 1671(1671-01-25) (aged 49)

Henry X, Count of Reuss-Lobenstein (9 September 1621 in Gera 25 January 1671 in Lobenstein) was a German nobleman, and rector of the University of Leipzig.


Henry X was the son of Henry II "the Posthumous" of Reuss-Gera. After his father died in 1635, he was raised by his elder brothers Henry II (1602–1670) and Henry III (1603–1640). He continued his education at the University of Leipzig. In the winter semester of 1641, he was elected Rector, a post he held until the summer semester of 1643.

When the Principality of Reuss Younger Line was divided in 1647, Henry X received the Lordship of Lobenstein, minus the Lordship of Saalburg, which was splitt off and added to Reuss-Gera. Thus he became the found of the Reuss-Lobenstein line of the Younger House of Reuss.

In 1653, he visited the Diet of Augsburg. In 1654, he purchased the Castle and Manor of Hirschberg from the von Beulwitz family. In 1666, his brother Henry IX died without an heir, and so he inherited parts of Reuss-Schleiz. In 1670, his eldest brother, Henry II, died and Henry X became the senior member of the House of Reuss.

After his death, his sons ruled Reuss-Lobenstein jointly for a few years and then divided it.

The Reuss-Lobenstein line died out in the male line in 1853.

Marriage and issue

On 24 October 1647, Henry X married Maria Sibylla (4 August 1625 21 May 1675), the daughter of Henry IV of Reuss-Obergreiz from the Elder line. They had 12 children:


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