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View of The Spire from Arnotts department store

Henry Street (Irish: Sráid Anraí) is located on Dublin's Northside and is one of the two principal shopping streets of Dublin (the other being Grafton Street), running from the Spire of Dublin and the General Post Office on O'Connell Street in the east to Liffey Street in the west. At Liffey Street, the street becomes Mary Street, which continues the shopping street until it ends at crossing Capel Street, and Henry Street and Mary Street are often considered as one (and in fact form a single shopping area with their eastward continuations, beyond the Spire, North Earl Street and Talbot Street).

The street was developed by Henry Moore, Earl of Drogheda whose estate lands and developments is reflected in the street names bearing his name, Henry Street, Moore Street, Earl Street, Of Lane and Drogheda Street.


Since the 1980s, the street has been mostly pedestrianised. 33 million people visit Henry Street, home to leading department stores Arnotts and Marks & Spencer during normal shopping hours in any one year, making it Dublin's favourite shopping district. The ILAC Centre is accessed off Henry Street, with an entrance between Debenhams and Dunnes Stores. The newer Jervis Shopping Centre has its main entrance on Mary Street. The famous outdoor food market of Moore Street is just off Henry Street.

Jervis Shopping Centre is on Mary Street. It is a very comprehensive shopping centre including many of the British chains such as Boots and Argos.

The Ilac Centre has many interesting and lower budget shops. One entrance leads out to Moore Street's famous market and there's also a public library inside the centre.

Until 2006 Roches Stores was a major retailer on Henry Street. However the store's lease was sold to Debenhams and the store was rebranded in early 2007.

There are lots of small and independent shops on Henry Street. The Body Shop, Korky's, The Levi's Store, Envy, and budget shops such as Japan and No Name can all be found on this street. Other famous stores include basecamp outdoor adventure store and Great Outdoors

There are over 200 shops on the street. Clothes shops like Envy, USB, Next, Sasha, Merc, A-Wear, Oasis, Penneys, Japan, Wallis, Diffneys, No Name, Extovert and Evans. Henry Street is pretty good for shoes too with Korkys, Zerep, Ravel and She. Music shops such as HMV are present, Until recently Golden Disc's and Virgin Megastores were present on the street but have since closed down. Jewellers like H.Samuel, Half-Price Jewellers and a branch of Fields. There are various sports shops like John David and Lifestyle Sports. For gifts there's the computer game shop GameStop and also Monsoon Accessories. There's a branch of Bewleys.

Buskers, including musicians, poets and mime artists, commonly perform to the shopping crowds.

Shopping Centres

The Jervis Shopping Centre is at present the largest shopping centre in the city-centre. It has three floors, the first two of which are all shops, and the third which is for fast food restaurants. Some of the shops in the centre are Marks & Spencer, Forever 21, New Look, Next, PC World, Debenhams, Argos and Topshop. It is located in the area surrounded by Jervis St, Mary St, Lower Abbey Street and Liffey St. Official Website

The Ilac Centre is the oldest shopping centre in the city centre. It is a large single-storey complex which contains many shops, including Dunnes Stores, Debenhams, Iceland, Boots, Champion Sports, Jack & Jones and Argos.


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