Henry III, Duke of Limburg

Henry III
Duke of Limburg and Count of Arlon
Reign 11651221
Predecessor Henry II
Successor Waleran III
Spouse(s) Sophia of Saarbrücken
Adelaide of Henneberg
Noble family House of Ardennes-Verdun
Father Henry II
Mother Matilda of Saffenberg
Born c. 1140
Died 21 June 1221(1221-06-21)

Henry III (c.1140 21 June 1221) was the Duke of Limburg and Count of Arlon from 1165 to his death. He was the son and successor of Henry II and Matilda of Saffenberg.

In 1172, he fought against the Count of Luxembourg, Henry IV the Blind, and then his ally, the Count of Hainaut, Baldwin V. The environs of Arlon were devastated and the duke, overcome, had to recompense the Count of Luxembourg for the wrongs he had done him. In 1183, he supported the election of Folmar of Karden as Archbishop of Trier. This was opposed by the emperor, Frederick Barbarossa.

Henry had to fight his nephew, Henry I of Brabant in connection with the advocacy of the Abbey of Sint-Truiden. The Brabantine duke claimed the advocacy as part of his mother's dowry. An arrangement put an end to the war in 1191 and the Duke of Limburg became a vassal of the Duke of Brabant. The two dukes collaborated in the internal affairs of the region (Belgium).

Henry later supported Otto of Brunswick over Philip of Swabia as German king and imperial claimant. He fought at the Battle of Bouvines in 1214. It was a disaster for Otto.

He married Sophia of Saarbrücken and he succeeded by his son Waleran III, Duke of Limburg.

Henry III, Duke of Limburg
Born: c.1140 Died: 21 June 1221
Preceded by
Henry II
Duke of Limburg
Succeeded by
Waleran III
Count of Arlon

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