Henry Dawson-Damer, 3rd Earl of Portarlington

"Port". Caricature by Spy published in Vanity Fair in 1878.

Henry John Reuben Dawson-Damer, 3rd Earl of Portarlington KP (5 September 1822 – 1 March 1889) was an Irish peer.

On 17 November 1841, he was commissioned a cornet in the Dorsetshire Yeomanry.[1] He became Earl of Portarlington in 1845 on the death of his uncle John Dawson, 2nd Earl of Portarlington and resigned his Yeomanry commission in November 1848.[2] The Earl was appointed a Knight of the Order of St Patrick on 8 February 1879.[3]


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Peerage of Ireland
Preceded by
John Dawson
Earl of Portarlington
Succeeded by
Lionel Dawson-Damer
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