Henry Conyngham (soldier)

Major General Henry Conyngham of Slane Castle (before 16811706) was an Irish soldier and politician.

He was a Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Ireland for Killybegs in 1692-93 and for Donegal County in 1695-99 and 1703-06.[1]

Conyngham served during the reign of James II as a captain in Mountjoy's Regiment. He was promoted lieutenant-colonel of Robert Echlin's (formerly Sir Albert Conyngham's) Regiment of Dragoons on 31 December 1691 and appointed colonel of a newly raised regiment of dragoons on 1 February 1693. He was promoted to brigadier-general on 1 January 1703 and major-general on 3 April 1705. He served in Portugal and Spain during the War of the Spanish Succession, where he was Governor of Lerida and Lieutenant-General of the King of Spain's army. He was killed fighting the French at the Battle of St Estevan in January 1706.[2]


He was the only surviving son of Sir Albert Conyngham.[2] By his wife Mary, widow of Charles Petty, 1st Baron Shelburne and daughter of Sir John Williams, 2nd Baronet, of Minster, he had a second son Henry Conyngham, 1st Earl Conyngham, and an only surviving daughter, Mary Conyngham,[3] who married his parliamentary successor, Francis Burton.[4] Their son Francis Conyngham, 2nd Baron Conyngham was ancestor of the Marquesses Conyngham,[3] who also inherited the Minster estate.[5]


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