Henri Chabot

Henri de Chabot
Born 1616 (1616)
Died 1655 (aged 3839)
Nationality French
Other names Henri Chabot
Citizenship French
Occupation Duke of Rohan
Spouse(s) Marguerite de Rohan
Children 6
  • Charles Chabot
  • Henriette de Lur-Saluces

Henri Chabot (1616 27 February 1655) was a French nobleman and Duke of Rohan (first by marriage and then in his own right). His wife was the heiress Marguerite de Rohan, daughter of Henri, Duke of Rohan. He is also known as Henri de Chabot.


Henri was the son of Charles Chabot and Henriette de Lur-Saluces. He was the Seigneur of Saint-Aulaye. His great-grandfather was Guy Chabot, a member of old Poitevin nobility, Baron of Jarnac, whose unexpected success in a 1547 duel passed into the French language as the "coup de Jarnac".

On 6 June 1645, Henri married Marguerite de Rohan, sole heiress of the Duke of Rohan and member of the powerful House of Rohan which claimed descent from the old Dukes of Brittany.[1] The couple had six children, three of whom would have further children.


References and notes

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