Henning Stockfleth

Henning Stockfleth (c.1610 5 February 1664) was a Norwegian cleric and Bishop of Oslo. [1]

Stockfleth was born in Haderslev, Denmark. He was the son of Danish merchant Eggert Stockfleth (1565-1638), was a brother of merchant Hans Stockfleth, and the father of diplomat Christian Stockfleth. In 1629, he entered the Latin school in Haderslev. He studied at the University of Rostock, continued in 1632 to the University of Wittenberg and came in 1635 to the University of Copenhagen. He took magister degree in theology in 1637.[2]

From 1637, Stockfleth served as rector and professor at the Christiania Cathedral School. He later assumed various positions as priest. In 1641 he became vicar at Aker in Akershus, priest at Akershus Fortress and later provost at Bragernes deanery. From 1646 to 1664, he was Bishop of Akershus stift. [3]

He was a signatory of the 1661 Sovereignty Act (Enevoldsarveregjeringsakten), the new constitution of Denmark-Norway, as one of the 87 representatives of the Norwegian clerical estate, one of the two privileged estates of the realm in Denmark-Norway.[4][5]


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