Helsinki Vampires

Helsinki Vampires
Video by The 69 Eyes
Released 2003
Genre Gothic rock
Alternative rock
Rock and roll

Helsinki Vampires is a live video and music video DVD by The 69 Eyes.


Live at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland in November 2002

  1. "Crashing High"
  2. "Angel On My Shoulder"
  3. "Forever More"
  4. "Gothic Girl"
  5. "Velvet Touch"
  6. "Don't Turn Your Back On Fear"
  7. "Stolen Season"
  8. "Sleeping With Lions"
  9. "Betty Blue
  10. "Radical"
  11. "Still Waters Run Deep"
  12. "The Chair"
  13. "Wasting The Dawn"
  14. "Dance d'Amour"
  15. "Framed In Blood"
  16. "Stigmata"
  17. "Brandon Lee"

Music Videos

  1. "Betty Blue"
  2. "Dance d'Amour"
  3. "The Chair"
  4. "Brandon Lee"
  5. "Gothic Girl"
  6. "Wasting The Dawn"
  7. "Call Me"
  8. "Mr Pain"

Special Features

  1. Beyond The Dawn
  2. Director's cuts of "Wasting The Dawn" the video by Soko Kaukoranta
  3. From Russia With Goth
  4. The 69 Eyes in Moscow March 2003, filmed by Jyrki 69
  5. The 69 Eyes Over Germany Photography by Tobias Seeliger
  6. Interviews with The Vampires
  7. Discography
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