Helio Vera

Helio Vera
Born Helio Vera
Villarrica, Paraguay
Died March 25, 2008
Asunción, Paraguay
Nationality Paraguayan
Known for Writer, lawyer, journalist
Notable work En busca del hueso perdido (Looking for the lost bone)
Tratado de paraguayología (Treaty of Paraguayanology)
Voces del Olimpo (Voices of the Olympus)

Helio Vera was a Paraguayan writer, lawyer and journalist. He was columnist of the ABC Color Journal of Asunción and published many stories and novels in his entire career.

His life

Helio Vera worked as a reporter in the first years of ABC Color and after working on other media he reincorporated as columnist and editorialist. His first attempt in the literary world was in the 1980s with essays and criticism and hilarious stories about the Paraguayan culture.[1] He earned a well-disserved prestige by his talent and his distinctive style. In his work he used a direct language and was distinguished with many awards as the "El Lector" Prize to the best literary work in 1984 for "Angola y otros Cuentos" (Angola and other stories); the first place in the 5th Centenary Essay Contest in 1988 organized by the Ibero-American Cooperation Institute and the Embassy of Spain, for the Essay "Teoría y Práctica de la Paraguayología" (Theory and Practice of the Paraguayanology); and the first prize in the "Néstor Romero Valdovinos" Story Contest in 1992.[2]

He was an active member of the Revolutionary Febrerista Party, full member of the International Socialist, even his grave had the flag of his party on top. His picture also is in the gallery of illustrate Februarists in the Martyrs of the Februarism Hall.


Year Work
1984 Angola y otros cuentos (Angola and other stories)
1990 En busca del hueso perdido. (Looking for the lost bone)
1990 Tratado de paraguayología (Treaty of Paraguayanology)
1994 Diccionario Contrera (Opposite Dictionary)
1997 Antiplomo. Manual de lucha contra los pesados (Antiplumber. Manual of fighting against heavy people)
1998 Tradición y modernidad (Tradition and modernity)
2002 Carta Política de la República del Paraguay, de Lomborio I, el Breve (Political Letter of the Republic of Paraguay, from Lomborio I, the Short)
2002 Trofeos de la guerra y otros cuentos picarescos (War trophies and other roguish stories)
2005 Plagueos, ensayos y otros divagues (Complains, essays and other things)
2006 Voces del Olimpo I (Voices of the Olympus I)I
2007 Diccionario del paraguayo estreñido (Dictionary of the stuck Paraguayan)
2007 Voces del Olimpo II (Voices of the Olympus II)
2007 La hondita impaciente (The impatient honda)
2007 El Cangrejo Inmortal (The Inmortal Crab)


Last days

He died on March 25, 2008 in the Santa Clara Clinic of Asunción where he was interned after being operated for a cerebral emboli that he suffered that month. His situation complicated because of an arritmia, the diabetes and arterial hypertension.[3]


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