Helie of Burgundy

Helie of Burgundy
Spouse(s) Bertrand of Toulouse
William III, Count of Ponthieu
Noble family House of Burgundy
Father Odo I, Duke of Burgundy
Mother Sibylla of Burgundy
Born c.1080
Died 28 February 1141(1141-02-28)
Perseigne Abbey in Neufchâtel-en-Saosnois

Helie of Burgundy (c.1080 – 28 February 1141) was the daughter of Eudes I and Sibylla of Burgundy.

In June 1095, she married Bertrand of Toulouse, as his second wife. The two had one son, Pons of Tripoli (c.1098–1137).

Bertrand succeeded his father as Count of Toulouse in 1105, and in 1108, he set out for Outremer to claim his father's rights as Count of Tripoli. Helie accompanied him on this expedition, which resulted in the capture of Tripoli in 1109; shortly after, their nephew, William-Jordan died of wounds, giving Bertrand an undisputed claim to Tripoli.

Bertrand died in 1112, and Pons succeeded him in Tripoli. Helie returned to France, where she married William III of Ponthieu in 1115. They had twelve children, including two named Robert, two named William, and two named Enguerrand:

Helie died on 28 February 1141, in Perseigne Abbey in Neufchâtel-en-Saosnois.


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