Helena of Sweden

Helena of Sweden
Queen consort of Danmark
Reign 1156–1157
Born 1130s
Died fl. 1158
Burial Vreta Abbey
Spouse Canute V of Denmark
Father Sverker I of Sweden
Mother Benedicta Ebbesdotter of Hvide

Helena[1] (or Elin) Sverkersdotter of Sweden, (1130s – fl. 1158), was a medieval Swedish princess and Danish queen, Queen consort of King Canute V of Denmark.

Helena, or Elin as she was also called, was the daughter of King Sverker I of Sweden. The date of her birth is not known, neither is her mother; it could be Sverker's first spouse, or Queen Ulvhild.

In 1156, she left Sweden and was married to king Canute V of Denmark.[2] In 1157, Canute was murdered, and Helena returned to Sweden. In 1158, she entered Vreta Abbey,[1] where her sister Ingegerd was a nun.


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Helena of Sweden
Born: 1130s Died: after 1157
Preceded by
Adela of Meissen
(Queen consort)
Royal Consort of Denmark
(Queen consort)
Succeeded by
Sofia of Minsk
(Queen consort)
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