Heinz in the Moon

Heinz in the Moon
Directed by Robert A. Stemmle
Written by Marcel Arnac (novel)
Robert A. Stemmle
Starring Heinz Rühmann
Rudolf Platte
Annemarie Sörensen
Oskar Sima
Music by Franz Grothe
Cinematography Carl Drews
Edited by Rudolf Schaad
Cicero Film
Distributed by NDLS
Release dates
5 September 1934
Running time
82 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Heinz in the Moon (German:Heinz im Mond) is a 1934 German comedy film directed by Robert A. Stemmle and starring Heinz Rühmann, Rudolf Platte and Annemarie Sörensen. Stemmle renamed the title from Hans to Heinz to take advantage of the star's popularity.[1]



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