Heinrich Groß von Trockau

Stained glass window in St. Sebaldus Church, Nuremberg depicting Heinrich Groß von Trockau.
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Heinrich Groß von Trockau (died 1501) was the Prince-Bishop of Bamberg from 1487 to 1501.

The date of Heinrich Groß von Trockau's birth is unknown, but he was already a prebendary of Augsburg Cathedral in 1451.[1] On 14 March 1452 he became a canon of Bamberg Cathedral.[1] He graduated from Heidelberg University in 1452. He was made a deacon on 20 April 1454.[1]

On 1 February 1487 the cathedral chapter of Bamberg Cathedral elected Groß von Trockau to be Prince-Bishop of Bamberg and Pope Innocent VIII confirmed his appointment on 28 March 1487.[2] He was consecrated as a bishop by Friedrich von Hohenzollern, Prince-Bishop of Augsburg, in Nuremberg on 15 July 1487.[2]

He died in Bamberg on 30 March 1501.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Philipp von Henneberg
Prince-Bishop of Bamberg
Succeeded by
Veit Truchseß von Pommersfelden
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