Hedge trimmer

Manual hedge trimming

A hedge trimmer, shrub trimmer, or bush trimmer, is a gardening tool or machine used for trimming (cutting, pruning) hedges or solitary shrubs (bushes). Different designs as well as manual and powered versions of hedge trimmers exist.


Stand-alone hedge trimmers

The power source of stand-alone hedge trimmers can be human power, gasoline, or electricity.

Tractor-mounted hedge trimmers

Tractor-mounted and tractor-driven hedge trimmers also exist, but are not that common. These machines consist of a moveable arm (hydraulic boom) with a large hedge trimmer attachment at its end. Their cutting mechanism is similar to that of finger-bar mowers.

Such large hedge trimmers are often confused with tractor-mounted reach flail mowers (booms with flail mower attachments), which appear similar due to the use of booms. And in colloquial language both, tractor-mounted hedge trimmers and reach flail mowers, are imprecisely called hedge cutters, or brush cutters. In contrast to tractor-mounted hedge trimmers, reach flail mowers have a different cutting mechanism, and are not only used for trimming hedges, but also in several other fields of application (mowing taller grass, road verge cutting, ditch maintenance, etc.).

Furthermore some special machines allow easy trimming of specific plants or food crops, and are sometimes just called trimmers, too. These include e.g. vine trimmers (for grapevine), and tree trimmers ("tree toppers"). Their cutting mechanisms can be very different from hedge trimmers.


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