Hector Sévin

Styles of
Hector Sévin
Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Informal style Cardinal
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Hector Sévin (22 March 1852 4 May 1916) was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and was former Archbishop of Lyon.

Hector Sévin was born in Simandre, France. He was educated at the Seminary of Belley and he received the diaconate on 22 May 1875.


He was ordained on 7 June 1876. He served as subdirector of the institute for the deaf and mute in Bourg from 1875 until 1876 then as Professor of dogmatic theology, Scriptures, and ecclesiastical history at the Seminary of Belley from 1876 until 1889 and was its rector from 1889 to 1891. He was the Vicar general of the diocese of Belley in 1904.


He was appointed as bishop of Châlons on 11 February 1908 by Pope Pius X. He was consecrated on 5 April 1908 in the cathedral of Belley, by Louis Luçon, Cardinal Archbishop of Reims. He was promoted to metropolitan see of Lyon on 12 December 1912.

Hector Sévin on his deathbed in Lyon on May 11, 1916


He was created Cardinal-Priest of SS. Trinità al Monte Pincio in the consistory of May 25, 1914 by Pope Pius X. He took part in the conclave of 1914 that elected Pope Benedict XV. He died in 1916.

Preceded by
Pierre-Hector Coullie
Archbishop of Lyon
12 December 19124 May 1916
Succeeded by
Louis-Joseph Maurin
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