Heaven or Vegas

Heaven or Vegas
Directed by Gregory C. Haynes
Produced by Gregory C. Haynes
Shane Walker
Written by Gregory C. Haynes
Starring Richard Grieco
Yasmine Bleeth
Andy Romano
Monica Potter
Sarah Schaub
Geoffrey Blake
Music by Stephen Edwards
Cinematography S. Douglas Smith
Distributed by Cineville
Release dates
February 2, 1999
Running time
106 min.
Language English

Heaven or Vegas was a 1999 movie which was a romantic drama that starred Yasmine Bleeth and Richard Grieco.


Rachel (Yasmine Bleeth) is a woman looking for a way out of her dead-end existence. Six years after she ran away from her home in Utah, Rachel is living in Las Vegas, where she works as an exotic dancer and an occasional call girl.

Rachel lives in a fantasy world as a way of distancing herself from her bleak surroundings, and she imagines that a Prince Charming will one day rescue her from her fallen world. On the inside she is still a dreamy little girl who believes in fairy tales. She thinks that her prince may have finally arrived when she meets Navy (Richard Grieco), a high-class stud-for-sale who has tired of his humiliating life in the sex industry.

Navy is fond of Rachel, and when he decides to leave male prostitution behind and move to Montana to start a new life, she eagerly joins him. However, along the way she persuades him to make a stop in Utah so that she can check in with her family. Rachel and Navy discover that it's difficult to hide their respective pasts from Rachel's straightlaced family and that they're out of step with life in small town America.

Navy also finds himself attracted to Rachel's gorgeous and "virginal" stepsister, Lilli (Monica Potter), which leads a heartbroken Rachel to run away just as Navy realizes that Rachel is the one for him. Rachels sister Paige runs away looking for her and is taken hostage along with Rachel by drifters. Navy and Billy dramatically rescue them from the psychotic drifters. Later Rachel and Navy move to Montana to start their life together and they have two Sons.


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Yasmine Bleeth and Richard Grieco, who both starred in this movie, also dated each other.

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