Haziga of Diessen

Haziga of Diessen
Spouse(s) Herman of Kastl
Otto I, Count of Scheyern
Father Frederick II, Count of Diessen
Born c.1040
Died 1 August 1104(1104-08-01)

Haziga of Diessen, also known as Hadegunde (c.1040 1 August 1104) was a Countess consort of Scheyern. Her descent is not entirely clear. It is usually assumed that her father was Count Frederick II of Diessen. He was Vogt of the Cathedral chapter in Regensburg. He was married three times; it is unclear in which marriage Haziga was born.

Around 1080, she founded a Benedictine monastery in Bayrischzell. It was moved to Fischbachau in 1085, then to Petersberg, near Dachau in 1104 and finally to Scheyern in 1119.

Marriages and issue

Her first husband was Count Herman of Kastl (d. 27 January 1056). With him, she probably had two sons and a daughter:

Her second husband was Count Otto I of Scheyern (d. 4 December 1078). It was also his second marriage. He had four children; it is possible some or all of these were from his first marriage:


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