Hayder of Crimea

Khan of Crimea
Reign 1475
Predecessor Meñli I
Successor Nur Devlet
Died 1487
Full name
Hayder Giray
House Giray
Father Hacı I Giray

Hayder Khan Girai, Hayder (Crimean Tatar: Hayder, حيدر) (d. about 1487) was a Crimean Khan in 1456, and a son of Hacı I Giray.

In 1456, he rebelled against his father and occupied the throne for a short time until the failure of the rebellion.

During the reign of his brother, Meñli I Giray, Hayder was captured and imprisoned in the Genoese fortress of Soldaia. After the Ottoman conquest of Crimea, Hayder fled to Kiev in the Polish Kingdom. In about 1479, he moved to Muscovy under protection of the grand duke Ivan III, who later banished Hayder to exile to Northern Muscovy (for reasons that remain unknown).

He died about 1487 in Beloozero, Vologda oblast.

Preceded by
Hacı I Giray
Khan of Crimea
Succeeded by
Hacı I Giray

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