Havillah, Washington

Lutheran Church in Havillah, Washington
Old Schoolhouse in Havillah, Washington

Havillah [1] is a small unincorporated community located in northeastern Okanogan County, Washington, eighteen miles south of the Canada–US border. Current census searches do not indicate a population count, but estimates are three to four hundred in the immediate and surrounding areas.

The area was homesteaded and settled in the early 1900s. Many of the families came from the midwest, and several direct descendants (notably the Kuhlmanns, Duchows, Obergs, Bunches, and Vissers) still live there and farm the land.

At 3500 feet, the climate is considered semi-arid and farming efforts are seasonal due to the cold and snow. Cattle and some sheep are raised, in addition to wheat, oats, barley, and alfalfa hay. Most crops must rely on snow fall and seasonal rains for dry land farming. Many residents who farm or raise livestock in Havillah supplement their income with jobs in the nearest towns of Tonasket or Oroville about twenty miles "down the hill".

Immanuel Lutheran Congregation (organized January 29, 1905) serves as the community hub, and members and non-members alike attend weekly services and other functions there. Up the road, Sitzmark Ski Hill has been a favorite winter recreation area for local folks since it was established by the Kuhlmann family in the mid 1900s. In addition, hunting, hiking, other winter sports, boating, and fishing opportunities have long been the mainstay of recreation in the general area which borders the Okanogan National Forest and the nearby Pasayten Wilderness.

Havillah has no services available, with the exception of church services.

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Coordinates: 48°49′41″N 119°12′11″W / 48.82806°N 119.20306°W / 48.82806; -119.20306


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