Hauke Jagau

Hauke Jagau.

Hauke Jagau (born 1961 in Hanover, Germany) is a German politician (SPD).


Before being mayor of Laatzen the lawyer worked for SPD-Landtagsfraktion Niedersachsen, Niedersächsisches Justizministerium and Niedersächsische Staatskanzlei under Gerhard Schröder's command.

Since 2006, Jagau is the president of the Region Hannover.

Hauke Jagau is the vice-chairman of SPD-Landesverband as well as member of the managing committee of SPD-Bezirk Hannover.

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Preceded by
Mayor of Laatzen
Succeeded by
Thomas Prinz (SPD)
Preceded by
Michael Arndt (SPD)
Regionspräsident Hannover
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