Hashimoto Station (Wakayama)

Hashimoto Station

Hashimoto Station platform, August 2006
Location 4-51, Kosada Itchome, Hashimoto, Wakayama
Coordinates 34°19′5.12″N 135°36′53.69″E / 34.3180889°N 135.6149139°E / 34.3180889; 135.6149139Coordinates: 34°19′5.12″N 135°36′53.69″E / 34.3180889°N 135.6149139°E / 34.3180889; 135.6149139
Operated by
  • Bus terminal
Other information
Station code NK77 (Nankai)
Opened 1898

Hashimoto Station (橋本駅 Hashimoto-eki) is a railway station in Hashimoto, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.



There is a single side platform and two island platforms served by five tracks. The side platform and the south island platform are used for the JR Wakayama Line (tracks 1, 2, 3). The north island platform is used by the Nankai Railway Kōya Line (tracks 4, 5).

1  JR Wakayama Line for Kokawa and Wakayama
2  JR Wakayama Line for Gojō and Ōji
returning for Kokawa and Wakayama
3  JR Wakayama Line for Gojō and Ōji (morning, evening)
4, 5  Nankai Railway Kōya Line for Namba
for Gokurakubashi and Kōyasan

Adjacent stations

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