Haruki Station

Haruki Station
Location 14-6, Harukiwakamatsu-cho, Kishiwada, Osaka
Coordinates 34°28′38″N 135°23′30″E / 34.477165°N 135.391664°E / 34.477165; 135.391664Coordinates: 34°28′38″N 135°23′30″E / 34.477165°N 135.391664°E / 34.477165; 135.391664
Operated by Nankai Electric Railway
Line(s) Nankai Main Line
Opened 1914
Passengers (2005) 15,736 daily

Haruki Station (春木駅 Haruki-eki) is a train station on the Nankai Electric Railway Nankai Main Line in Kishiwada, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, where sub. express trains and airport express trains stop.

On the days of large cycle racing at Kishiwada Cycle Racing Track, extra express trains run from this station to Namba.


station layout


3 2 1


The station has a side platform serving a track for Wakayamashi and Kansai Airport, and an island platform serving 2 tracks for Namba. There are 2 tracks for maintenance in the west of Track 3.

1  Nankai Main Line for Wakayamashi and Kansai Airport
2  Nankai Main Line for Namba
3  Nankai Main Line returning for Namba


Adjacent stations

« Service »
Nankai Main Line
Tadaoka   Local (普通車)   Izumi-Ōmiya
Tadaoka   Semi-Express (only running for Namba in the morning on weekdays)   Izumi-Ōmiya
Izumiōtsu   Sub. Express   Kishiwada
Izumiōtsu   Airport Express   Kishiwada
Izumiōtsu   Extra Express (-急行-)
(on the days of cycle racing)
Express (急行): Does not stop at this station
Limited Express (including "Rapi:t" and "Southern"): Does not stop at this station

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