Harry Gough

This article is about the chairman of the East India Company. For others of the same name, see Harry Gough (disambiguation).

Captain Harry Gough, Esquire (2 April 1681 – 13 July 1751), was the fifth[1] or sixth[2] son of Sir Henry Gough of Perry Hall. He was the second MP for the notoriously rotten borough of Bramber, which was wholly owned by his brother Sir Harry, from 1734 until his death.

He was a captain for the British East India Company and named Deputy Chairman in 1736, full Chairman the next year, and then repeatedly held each post (Chairman again in 1741, 1743, 1746, and 1747; Deputy again in 1742, 1745, and 1750).

His only son was Richard Gough.[1][2]

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