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The Harrach family[1] is a Bohemian and Austro-German noble family. The Grafen (Counts) of Harrach were among the most prominent families in the Habsburg Empire.


Arms of the Counts of Harrach zu Rohrau und Thannhausen

The two main family branches — Rohrau in Austria (until 1886) and Jilemnice in Bohemia — came from two sons of Karl von Harrach (1570–1628). Two branches were later founded by grandsons of Friedrich August von Harrach-Rohrau — Ernest Christopher Joseph (d. 1838) and Ferdinand Joseph (d. 1841).[2]


The family owned the following properties at various times:

Notable family members

Aloys Thomas Raimund Graf Harrach (1669–1742), viceroy of Naples
Auguste von Harrach, princess of Liegnitz (1800–1873), second wife of king Frederick William III of Prussia

Many of its members bear the title of Graf (count/earl) or Gräfin (countess). Notable members of the family are, among others:

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  1. Possibly from Czech word hrách ("pea"). First known member of the family owned definitely Slavonic name Przibislaus. Indirect evidence of pea's theory — Harrach's coat of arms with an element described in heraldry as "golden ball".
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