Hanover (region)

For the district named Region Hannover, see Hanover Region.

Map of Lower Saxony highlighting the former Regierungsbezirk of Hanover
Country Germany
State Lower Saxony
Disestablished 2004-12-31
Region seat Hanover
  Total 9,046.82 km2 (3,493.00 sq mi)
Population (30 Sep. 2004)
  Total 2,167,343
  Density 240/km2 (620/sq mi)

Hanover (German: Hannover) was a Regierungsbezirk of the German state of Lower Saxony from 1946 until 2004. It was located in the south of the state, centered on the Lower Saxon capital of Hanover.


There was a similar, equally named administrative unit within the then Prussian Province of Hanover from 1885 until the end of World War II; and before that, a 1823 established Landdrostei within the Kingdom of Hanover.

Kreise (districts) from 2001 until 2004
  1. Diepholz
  2. Hamelin-Pyrmont (Hameln-Pyrmont)
  3. Hanover (Hannover)
  4. Hildesheim
  5. Holzminden
  6. Nienburg
  7. Schaumburg

Coordinates: 52°22′00″N 9°44′00″E / 52.3667°N 9.7333°E / 52.3667; 9.7333

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