Hanne Blåfjelldal

Blåfjelldal in 2009

Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal (born 27 May 1981) is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party. She has been state secretatary for Sylvi Listhaug in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food since October 2013.[1]

Blåfjelldal hails from Sør-Aurdal in Valdres. She was a member of the county council of Oppland 20032007 and 20112012 and a member of the municipal council of Sør-Aurdal 20072010.[1]

She worked as a political consultant on educational and church affairs for the Progress Party's parliamentary group 20032007. She served as deputy leader of the Progress Party's Youth 20082010 and was a member of the Executive Board of the Progress Party 20112013. She was first deputy member to the Parliament of Norway for the Progress Party from Oppland 20092013.[1]

In 2007, she obtained a Master's degree in Human geography at the University of Oslo. She undertook one year of study in pedagogy (Norw: Praktisk-pedagogisk utdanning) in 2010. She was manager for an educational project in Vågå municipality 20102012 and worked as a teacher in Høyanger 20122013.[1][2]


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