Hanko Naval Base

Not to be confused with Porkkala Naval Base.
Hanko Naval Base location on an map

Hanko Naval Base was a Soviet naval base during 1940–1941 in the town of Hanko at the Hankoniemi peninsula which is located 100 kilometers (62 mi) from Helsinki, the Finnish capital.


The Soviet Union had demanded from Finland a military base in the hiring of regional exchange requirements just before outbreaking of the Winter War from Hankoniemi pensinsula.

During the Winter War in the facilities started in early spring 1940 peace talks between the Soviet Union repeated its call for an naval base from Hankoniemi area.

Finland's negotiation delegation was forced to agree to the Soviet Union required the peace terms, including Hankoniemi venue hire. On March 12, 1940, signed the Moscow Peace Treaty undertook to lease to the Soviet Union 30 years 115 square kilometers of the Trans-leased area which included the addition of Hankoniemi and the City of Hanko area surrounding maritime areas, as well as about 400 islands. Hankoniemi leased and a foreign military forces into the rear of their own was one of the hardest acceptable peace terms of the Finnish delegation.

The area was handed over to the Soviets on 22 March 1940, at 24. The area had been evacuated before the release of the Finnish population. in connection with the transfer area of about 8 000 Finns lost their homes. The Soviet Union built the Hanko peninsula a strong military base. The spot to oversee the Gulf of Finland maritime traffic, but that is also planned to open the front south-west invasion war against Finland. Thus, the base was placed in the wealth of infantry, airborne and armored forces. The Soviet Union took immediate possession of the spot after fortify the border between Finland and the base, respectively, and equipped by the Finnish border from its side.

Outbreak of the Continuation War

Continuation War broke out took place at the borders leased area of some individual battles and quite limited. The Finns did not take any step against the Grand mission sleepers Hanko Soviet troops. However, the Soviet Union withdrew its troops from the leased area December 2, 1941. The troops left their leased area rich in laying mines, which have hampered the return of the civilian population in the Hanko peninsula.

After the Continuation War, the Soviet Union demanded instead of Hanko lease area of Porkkala. The final failure of Hanko leased area was signed in the Paris Peace Agreement in 1947.

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