Haninah ben Ahi R. Joshua

Hanina(h) ben Ahi Rabbi Joshua (or Hanina(h) b. Ahi R. Joshua; Hebrew: חנניה בן אחי רבי יהושע; sometimes spelled חנינא, Haninah ben [Son of] Ahi [My brother] Rabbi Yehoshua; Sometimes appears on the Talmudic recorded translation as Hanania, son of the brother of R. Joshua) [1] was a Jewish Tanna sage of the third generation. Unlike many other Tannaitic sages, he is not recognized by his father's name, but rather with his uncle's name, R. Joshua ben Hananiah. Sometimes he is recorded on the Baraitas as merely Haninah,[2] and does not appear on the Mishnah at all.

He acquired his knowledge on the Torah from his uncle R. Joshua ben Hananiah, and had witnessed his uncle's activities on the Sanhedrin of Yavne. After the failure of the Bar Kokhba revolt, and the death of Rabbi Akiva and R. Judah ben Baba, Haninah survived to remain the greatest scholar sage of the generation ("Gadol"), in the Land of Israel. Afterwards, he moved to Babylon, and had established a Yeshiva on the Paqod river of Babylon, where he leaped years, until his disciplines in The Land of Israel grew old enough to return and do it themselves.[3]

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