Hallingdal Museum

Hallingdal Museum (Hallingdal Folkemuseum) is an open-air museum in Nesbyen within Nes in Buskerud, Norway.[1][2]

Hallingdal Folk Museum was founded in 1899. It is one of the oldest open-air museums in Norway. The museum now features 27 historic buildings. The museum consists of several branches located in different municipalities: Dagali Museum (Hol municipality), Gol Bygdetun (Gol Municipality), Hemsedal Bygdetun (Hemsedal municipality), Hol Bygdemuseum (Hol municipality) and Ål Bygdamuseum (Al Municipality), as well as the former mountain farm Dokken Fjellgard at Sudndalen in Hol.[3][4]


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