Hadera Stream

Hadera Stream, views westward from the Israeli Coastal Highway.

Hadera Stream (Hebrew: נחל חדרה, Nahal Hadera), also known as the Nahr Mufjir, is a seasonal watercourse that flows from the highlands in the northern West Bank and empties into the Mediterranean Sea at the Israeli city of Hadera. The stream has been polluted by the Orot Rabin Power Plant. The Hadera Water Park, located between Givat Olga and the power plant, is a 750-dunam park that holds a 40-metre-wide creek banked by a 1.3-km-long promenade.[1] A dam is being constructed where the water park meets the Coastal Highway and is supposed to prevent the rehabilitated section of the stream from being polluted by water from the watercourse itself.[2]


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Coordinates: 32°25′31.3″N 34°59′24.76″E / 32.425361°N 34.9902111°E / 32.425361; 34.9902111

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