H2O (American band)



Vocalist Toby Morse in 2009
Background information
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Hardcore punk, punk rock, melodic hardcore, pop punk
Years active 1994present
Labels Blackout Records (1996)
Epitaph Records (1997–1999)
MCA Records (2001–2002)
Bridge 9 (2008–present)
Associated acts Rancid, The Operation M.D., Hazen Street, Juliette and the Licks, The Offspring
Website www.h2ogo.com
Members Toby Morse
Rusty Pistachio
Todd Friend
Adam Blake
Past members Todd Morse
Eric Rice
Max Capshaw

H2O is an American hardcore punk band formed in New York City in 1994.


Formation and the Epitaph years (1994–2000)

While touring as a roadie for Sick of It All, Toby Morse would sometimes sing with the band during encores. In late 1994 Morse decided to start his own band and formed H2O in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The band toured relentlessly through most of 1995 and 1996, opening up for almost every hardcore band that hit the east coast, including an opening slot on a Rancid bill, at the Roseland Ballroom. Another huge show was when the band opened for No Doubt at Tramps (NYC) on Easter in 1996. In January 1996 they would record their self-titled CD at Brielle Studios-NYC and would release it in May. The CD was basically all the songs they had and would play out at the time. They would tour that whole summer with Shelter and Murphys Law. H2O performed at CBGB's in October of that year and recorded a video for "Family Tree". They also toured with Social Distortion in October '96. In June 1997 H2O quickly recorded and released Thicker Than Water in October. They toured all over the world until the end of the year and through 1998. In the year 1997 they would open for Misfits, Pennywise, Sick of It All, CIV and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Warped Tour 98 and 99. They would tour Japan for the first time in 1997 & return in 1998. They received MTV play with "Everready".

In 1999, they recorded and released F.T.T.W. in May and made a video for "One Life One Chance" and again toured year around (in Europe, Japan & U.S.) and into 2000. They also toured on the 1999 Warped Tour (sharing a bus with 7 Seconds). In 1999 and 2000 they would tour with NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, 7 Seconds and Saves the Day. That summer of 2000, H2O would record a cover of the Ice Cube song "It Was a Good Day" and shoot a video around New York City in the middle of the night.

Go (2001–03)

In November and December 2000 they recorded their first major label CD on MCA Records titled Go. They recorded Go at Rumbo Recorders Studios owned at the time by 1970s pop stars Captain & Tennille, in Canoga Park, California.

Go was released in May 2001 and produced by Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Replacements, Maroon 5) and toured extensively (over 150 to 200 shows in a year) H2O made a video for "Role Model" and performed "Memory Lane" on the Conan O'Brien show in May of that year. They toured Warped Tour with Blink-182, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory and Face to Face and a full Canada tour in 2001. In 2002 H2O recorded & released the EP All We Want, 3 new songs with 2 live tracks and the "Role Model" video. They also toured in Japan, Europe and U.S. extensively. They would later tour U.S. & Canada with Sum 41 and Box Car Racer.


In 2005, H2O toured Europe with Madball and toured the U.S. with The Used, Pennywise and Dropkick Murphys. In 2006, H2O toured South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Columbia) for the first time. They toured U.S. with Rancid. H2O also toured Japan in May/June 2007.

Nothing to Prove (2008–11)

H2O returned to the studio in January 2008 to begin working on their fifth studio album and had posted new songs on their MySpace page. On January 14, 2008, the band announced they signed to Bridge 9 Records, and the new album was released on May 27, 2008. Titled Nothing to Prove, it was their first album of new material in seven years.[1][2] The band proceeded to support the album's release by opening for Rancid on a series of U.S. tour dates at various House of Blues venues. The band would go on to tour Europe extensively that summer.

In March 2008, it was announced H2O would play at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in The United Kingdom.

H2O recently released a DVD titled One Life One Chance. The band also opened for the Dropkick Murphys during their St. Paddy's Day Tour in winter of 2009.

H2O shot videos for "What Happened" and "Nothing to Prove" from the Nothing to Prove CD.

They celebrated their 15th Anniversary with tour dates in U.S., Europe, South America, Japan and all over the world in 2010.

In August 2010, H2O played on a boat around Manhattan.

During 2010 South American Tour (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela) Mitts (Madball guitar player) filled in for Todd Morse because he was on tour with The Offspring.

In February through May 2011, they returned to the studio to begin recording a covers CD of some of their favorite punk bands. They also toured Australia on the Soundwave 2011 tour in late February/March and Europe in April and May 2011. In August 2011 they will be touring the UK, and will be playing in Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland for the first time.

Don't Forget Your Roots (2011–2015)

On November 15, 2011 H2O released Don't Forget Your Roots, a 15 song tribute CD to some of their favorite bands.

On January 1, 2013 H2O posted on their Facebook page that a new album would be released sometime in 2013, but recently Toby has stated that the band will be completing this fall tour with New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio, spending the holidays at home and be in the recording studio come February 2014.

In January 2015, H2O played in São Paulo, Brazil.

In March 2015, H2O started recording the new cd "Use Your Voice", due for release through Bridge Nine Records on October 9, 2015.

In April 2015, H2O toured Mexico for the first time. On August 5 the same year, Todd Morse confirmed via his Twitter account that he was no longer a part of the band.[3]

Use Your Voice (2015–)

H2O released Use Your Voice on Bridge 9 Records on October 9, 2015. The album was recorded from March to May 2015 at Buzzbomb Sound Lab Studios & produced by Chad Gilbert . H2O shot a video for "Skate" in June 2015. On February 15, 2016, the band released a 2nd video for "True Romance", containing pictures of the bands families, friends and fans. The album hit #1 on Billboard Top Heatseekers chart & reached #86 on Billboard chart, #23 on Billboard U.S. Alternative Albums , #19 on Billboard U.S. Independent Albums chart & #13 on the Billboard Top U.S. Hard Rock Albums in October 2015.

On October 6, their new album Use Your Voice was made available for streaming on the Bridge 9 Records bandcamp page.[4]

On their Use Your Voice tour, H2O toured with guest musicians: drummer Branden Steineckert of Rancid, and guitarist Colin McGinniss of None More Black.

Band members

Current members

  • Toby Morse – lead vocals (1995present)
  • Rusty Pistachio – lead guitar, backing vocals (1995present)
  • Todd Friend – drums, percussion (1995present)
  • Adam Blake – bass guitar (1996present)

Former members

  • Max Capshaw – drums, percussion (1995)
  • Eric Thrice – bass (19951996)
  • Todd Morse – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (19952015)






    Music videos

    Compilation tracks




    European Tour June & July 1995 w. Sick of It All and CIV (band)

    Early Shows 1995

    Supporting Shelter (band) on "Mantra" Tour August 1995

    Supporting Mighty Mighty Bosstones Midwest & South Tour February 1996

    1st full U.S. Tour May 1996 w. Shelter (band) & Downset

    Supporting Murphy's Law (band) "Beer and Water Tour" July, August & September 1996

    H2O U.S. Heading Tour September/October 1996

    Supporting Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Lets Face It Tour" Part 1, January 1997

    H2O Japan & Australia Tour February/ March 1997

    Supporting Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Lets Face It Tour" Part 2, March, April & May 1997

    Warped Tour- July 1997

    Supporting Pennywise (band)- West Coast "Full Circle Tour" October 1997

    Supporting Misfits (band) & Sick of It All U.S. Tour November 1997 "American Psycho Tour" Part 1

    Thicker Than Water Japan Tour January 1998

    Supporting Misfits (band) U.S. Tour February & March 1998 "American Psycho Tour" Part 2

    Canada Snow Jam Tour March 1998 (w. Pennywise (band), Guttermouth, Jugheads Revenge

    Thicker Than Water Headine Tour April, May 1998

    Thicker Than Water European Tour- May, June 1998 w. Guy Smiley

    Warped Tour- July 1998

    Thicker Than Water U.S./Canada Tour August, September 1998

    F.T.T.W. Release U.S. Tour April/May 1999

    F.T.T.W. 1999 Europe Tour Supporting NOFX & Lagwagon June & July 1999

    Warped Tour- July 1999

    Punk-O-Rama U.S. Tour w. 7 Seconds (band) & Bouncing Souls August & September 1999

    F.T.T.W. Japan Tour October 1999

    U.S. Tour w. Bouncing Souls November/December 1999

    Europe Tour January/February 2000 w. F-Minus

    F.T.T.W. U.S. Tour w. Saves The Day March, April & May 2000

    Face to Face (punk band) & Snapcase U.S. Tour January–March 2001

    Go Release U.S. Tour May–June 2001

    Warped Tour- June, July & August 2001

    Go Across Canada Tour- August 2001

    Go Australia Tour September–October 2001

    Supporting New Found Glory U.S. Tour October–November 2001

    Go U.S. Tour January–February 2002

    Go Japan Tour March 2002

    Supporting Sum 41 U.S. Canada Tour April 2002

    European Deconstruction Tour May/June 2002 w. Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Lagwagon, Midtown & Movielife

    Go Headlining Tour August/September 2002

    Supporting Box Car Racer & The Used U.S. Tour October/November 2002

    European Tour Supporting Madball June 2005

    U.S. Tour- Supporting The Used August/September 2005

    Supporting Pennywise (band) U.S. Tour September/October 2005

    U.S. Tour December 2005

    South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Colombia) Tour June 2006

    Supporting Rancid (band) U.S. Dates August 2006

    Nothing to Prove European Tours June/July & August 2008

    Co Headline U.S. Tour w. Bane (band), Cruel Hand & Energy October/November 2008

    Persistence Tour Europe December 2008 w. Sick Of It All, Terror (band), Born From Pain

    Supporting Dropkick Murphys w. Civet (band) February 2009

    Nothing to Prove European Tour August 2009

    15 Year Anniversary U.S. Tour Dates February & March 2010

    Nothing to Prove European Tour April/May & July 2010

    South America Tour w. Terror (band) (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia & Venezuela) August 2010

    Nothing to Prove Japan Tour- September 2010

    Soundwave Tour 2011- Australia February/March 2011

    European Spring Tour April/May 2011

    U.K. Tour August 2011 (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland)

    Don't Forget Your Roots Release Tours & Shows November/December 2011 & January 2012

    Rebellion Tour Supporting Madball Europe March 2012 Deez Nuts, First Blood, Devil in Me & Strength Approach

    Don't Forget Your Roots European Tour Dates June/July & August 2012

    South American Tour October 2012 Supporting Agnostic Front (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia)

    Persistence Tour 2013 European Tour w. Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Stick to Your Guns, Neaera & The Arcadia Strain

    U.S. Tour co-headline w. Terror (band), Backtrack & Code Orange February/March 2013

    European Tour Leg 1 April/May 2013

    European Tour Leg 2 June/July 2013

    Supporting Alkaline Trio and New Found Glory U.S. Tour October 23-November 25, 2013

    European Tour Part 1 April/May 2014

    European Tour Part 1 August 2014

    São Paulo Brazil January 2015

    1st Mexico Tour April 2015

    Five Nights- 20th Anniversary shows at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, NY. May 6–10, 2015

    UK Tour Run May 19–26, 2015

    The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth, UK 20 May 2015

    H2O & Cruel Hand US Tour June 12–26, 2015

    European Tour run July & October 2015

    Persistence Tour Europe - January 2016 (w. Ignite (band), Terror (band), Iron Reagan, Twitching Tongues, Wisdom in Chains & Risk It!

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