Høvelte station

S-train station

Platform looking towards Allerød station
Coordinates 55°51′3″N 12°23′17″E / 55.85083°N 12.38806°E / 55.85083; 12.38806Coordinates: 55°51′3″N 12°23′17″E / 55.85083°N 12.38806°E / 55.85083; 12.38806
Owned by DSB
Operated by DSB
Line(s) A
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 1
Preceding station   S-train   Following station
toward Farum

Høvelte is a halt on the Hillerød radial of the S-train network in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located between Birkerød station and Allerød station and primarily serves Høvelte Barracks. There is only one station platform by the northbound track. Only the five first trains in the morning and the five last trains in the night stop and only at request. On Sundays and in holidays it is the last eleven reaisns.

Maintenance is done by Høvelte Barracks.

The name Høvelte is relatively new. It was introduced in the 1930s. The former name of the locality was Luserød.


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