The quarter of Höngg in Zurich

Zürich (Höngg) is a quarter in the district 10 in Zürich.

It was formerly a municipality of its own, having been incorporated into Zürich in 1934.

The quarter has a population of 21,186 distributed on an area of 6.98 km².

Höngg is renowned for its funfairs such as the Wümmetfest and the Räbeliechtli Umzug.

The protestant church Alte Kirche Höngg is the main church of Höngg.


Island Werd (Werdinsel) in the Limmat river
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For decades, the Werdinsel river island may called a 'conflict zone' related to its public use; so claim the holders of dogs, FKK and LGBT enthusiasts, as well as families the area for their own purpuses. Another problem is the intensive use, so on peak days, up to 4,500 visitors search for recreation, almost half a million a year, among the also people from neighboring cantons, and therefore causing additional road transport traffic. The city police, however, legally allowed to move any naked people in public, and even outdoor sex is not illegal as long as no one raise indictment. The city police forces regularly patrols on the ground.[1]

A view south from Höngg to downtown Zürich


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Coordinates: 47°24′N 8°30′E / 47.400°N 8.500°E / 47.400; 8.500

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