Hôtel de Boisgelin (Aix-en-Provence)

For other places called Hôtel de Boisgelin, see Hôtel de Boisgelin.
Hôtel de Boisgelin
General information
Type Hôtel particulier
Address 11 rue du Quatre Septembre
Town or city Aix-en-Provence
Country France
Completed 1650
Design and construction
Architect Pierre Pavillon
Jean-Claude Rambot

The Hôtel de Boisgelin is a listed hôtel particulier in Aix-en-Provence.


It is located at number 11 on the rue du Quatre Septembre, on the Place des Quatre Dauphins, in the Quartier Mazarin of Aix-en-Provence.[1][2][3]


It was designed by architects Pierre Pavillon (1612-1670) and Jean-Claude Rambot (1621-1694), and built for Louis Le Blanc de Montespin in 1650.[1][4][5] In 1697, it was purchased by Pierre-Joseph Laurens-Brue.[4] That year, he commissioned architect Laurent Vallon (1652-1724) to design a grand staircase inside.[1] It was later inherited by the Boisgelin family.[1]

It comes with a courtyard and a garden.[4] In the garden, there is a fountain under the foliage, thus always in the shade in daytime.[6]

Heritage significance

It has been listed as a monument historique since 1964.


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Coordinates: 43°31′32″N 5°27′01″E / 43.5255°N 5.4504°E / 43.5255; 5.4504

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