Hòa Bình

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Hòa Bình
Thành phố Hòa Bình
Hòa Bình

Location of Hòa Bình in Vietnam

Coordinates: 20°48′48″N 105°20′18″E / 20.81333°N 105.33833°E / 20.81333; 105.33833Coordinates: 20°48′48″N 105°20′18″E / 20.81333°N 105.33833°E / 20.81333; 105.33833
Country  Vietnam
Province Hòa Bình

Hòa Bình (Vietnamese: [hʷaː˧˩ ɓən˧˩]) is a city in Vietnam. It is the capital of Hòa Bình Province, and located 76 kilometres from Hanoi, and 5 kilometres from the Đà River.[1] The Battle of Hòa Bình was fought around the city from 1951–52 during the First Indochina War.
Hòa Bình Dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in Vietnam, and also the largest in South East Asia,[2] is located near the city.


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