Guy constable of Cyprus

Guy constable of Cyprus

coat-of-arms of Lusignan
Born 1275-80
Died 1303
Spouse Eschiva d' Ibelin
Issue Hugh IV of Cyprus
House Poitiers-Lusignan
Father Hugh III of Cyprus
Mother Isabella d' Ibelin

Guy of Poitiers-Lusignan (1275/80 - 1303) was constable of Cyprus from 1298. He was the youngest son of Hugh III, king of Cyprus (1267-1284) and Isabella d' Ibelin.

Guy was brother of John I, king of Cyprus (1284-1285) and Henry II, king of Cyprus (1285-1324). Other siblings include: Amalric, Prince of Tyre 1272 - 1310, Marie of Lusignan, Queen of Aragon 1273 - 1322, Margaret of Lusignan c.1276 - 1296, Alice 1277-80 - after 1324, Isabel c.1280 - 1319.

He married to Eschive d' Ibelin, lady of Beirut, the daughter of John I d' Ibelin, lord of Beirut. He had issue:

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