Guy V, Count of Saint-Pol

Guy V of Châtillon, Count of Saint-Pol
Spouse(s) Johanna of Luxembourg-Ligny
Noble family House of Châtillon
Father John, Count of Saint-Pol
Mother Johanna of Fiennes
Died 1360

Guy V of Châtillon, Count of Saint-Pol (d. 1360 in London) was a French nobleman. He was a member of the House of Châtillon and was the son of Count John of Saint-Pol (d. 1344) and his wife Johanna of Fiennes.

In the Hundred Years' War, he served as a royal commander (lieutenant du roi) in the French army. He fought several battles against the English in Picardy. He was one of the hostages sent to England under the terms of the Treaty of Brétigny of 1360. He died of the plague shortly after arriving in London.

Guy was married to Johanna (d. 1392), a daughter of Lord John I of Ligny. Since they had no children, he was succeeded as Count of Saint-Pol by his sister Mahaut and her husband Guy of Luxembourg-Ligny.

Guy V, Count of Saint-Pol
Died: 1360
Preceded by
Count of Saint-Pol
Succeeded by
and Guy

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