Guy II the Red of Rochefort

Guy II the Red de Montlhéry (died 1108), son of Guy I, Seigneur de Montlhéry, and Hodierne de Gometz-la-Ferté. Count of Rochefort-en-Yvelines. Châtelain of Châteaufort and of Gometz. Seneschal of France under Philip I the Amorous, 1104-1106.

Guy joined with the Lombard contingent in the second wave of the First Crusade, dating to 1100. He apparently rebelled against Louis VI, King of France (once his son-in-law), when he was killed.

Guy first married Elisabeth from an unknown family. He then married Adelais de Crécy, widow of Bouchard II, Count of Corbeil, grandson of Mauger, Count of Corbeil. Guy and Elisabeth had three children:

Guy and Adelais had three children:

He was succeeded by his son Guy III and then his grandson Simon as Count of Rochefort.


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