Guy Henniart

Henniart (right) with Le Gall at the 2006 ICM in Madrid, Spain.

Guy Henniart (born 1953, Santes) is a French mathematician at Paris-Sud 11 University. He is known for his contributions to the Langlands program, in particular his proof of the local Langlands conjecture for GL(n) over a p-adic local field—independently from Harris and Taylor—in 1998.[1][2]

Henniart attained his doctorate from the University of Paris V in 1978, under supervision of Pierre Cartier with thesis Représentations du groupe de Weil d’un corps local. He was a member of Nicolas Bourbaki.[3] Henniart was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2006 at Madrid and gave a talk On the local Langlands and Jacquet-Langlands correspondences.

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