Guni-Guni promotional poster
Directed by Tara Illenberger
Written by Tara Illenberger
Cinematography A. B. Garcia
Edited by Fiona Borres
Distributed by Regal Films
Release dates
  • August 22, 2012 (2012-08-22)
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog

Guni-Guni is a 2012 Filipino horror film under Regal Entertainment. It stars Lovi Poe and Benjamin Alves. The film is directed by Tara Illenberger.[1]


Thirty years ago, an unborn child was buried in the garden of what is now a boardinghouse in Cubao. It lies beneath the ground, unbeknownst to the tenants who live there. One of the tenants is Mylene (Lovi Poe) who appears like the perfect paranormal's girl, nice, pretty and at the top of her Medicine class. But nobody knows about her past, not even the man who loves her most, Paolo (Benjamin Alvez). Paolo doesn't know anything about Mylene's family, her long, lost sibling or her estranged, nervous wreck of a mother. Nor does he know about the very long scar that runs across Mylene's body, nor of how incomplete she always feels. And he finds that the more he tries to win back her love, the more she retreats to her secret world that nobody could enter.

One day Mylene asked to perform an abortion for fee, she feels conflicted about doing what' is right and, at the same time, being in dire need of tuition fee. Her decision ultimately leads to a dark outcome and awakens a force that has laid quiet for years in the boardinghouse grounds. Thereafter, she becomes tormented by nightmares of a dark twin, whose presence gets stronger as days pass, as strange things start to happen in the house. When one by one, the boarders die of unexplainable causes, Joanna (Empress Shuck) the resident psychic and Mylene's best friend struggles to understand the impending danger that she senses and decides to get to the bottom of the mystery; and as it unravels, they find themselves confronted by an angry soul that seeks justice.[2]



The film was first announced by Regal Entertainment in March 30, 2012 along with 11 other films they are going to release this year.[3] Originally, the lead role was offered to Jennylyn Mercado but she turned down the role due to her busy schedule, making another Regal Film and a drama series under GMA Network.[3] Roselle Monteverde, President of Regal Entertainment confirmed on May 23 that the role was already given to actress, Lovi Poe.[4] The new GMA 7's contract artist Benjamin Alves signed for the lead man role making the film his first lead role in a movie outfit.[5][6] The film began shooting in May 28, 2012.

Marketing and promotions

The promotional photo of Guni-Guni was first released on July 20 with Lovi Poe in a sepia shot carrying the title of the film. On July 25, the theatrical poster of the film was released online featuring Lovi Poe in a dual personality.[7] The photos were taken in Pioneer Studio in Mandaluyong City.[8] The official trailer was released in the official YouTube channel of Regal Films on July 29, 2012. The film had their premiere night on August 20, 2012 at the SM Megamall.

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