Gulf of Salerno

"Salerno Bay" redirects here. For the American escort aircraft carrier, see USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110).
The Gulf of Salerno seen from the Amalfi Coast.

The Gulf of Salerno is a gulf of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the coast of the province of Salerno in south-western Italy. The northern part of this coast is the touristy Costiera Amalfitana, including towns like Amalfi, Maiori, Positano and the city of Salerno itself.

The Gulf of Salerno is separated from the Gulf of Naples (on the north) by the Sorrentine Peninsula, while from the south it is bounded by the Cilento coast.

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Coordinates: 40°31′N 14°42′E / 40.517°N 14.700°E / 40.517; 14.700

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