Gulf of Khambhat

Gulf of Khambhat on the right. Image NASA Earth Observatory
Gulf of Cambay (North part) 1896
Gulf of Cambay (South part) 1896

The Gulf of Khambhat (also known as the Gulf of Cambay)[1] is an inlet of the Arabian Sea along the west coast of India, in the state of Gujarat. It is about 130 kilometres (80 mi) miles in length,[1] and divides the Kathiawar peninsula to the west from the eastern part of Gujarat state.

The Narmada, Tapti, Mahi and Sabarmati rivers drain into it.

There are plans to construct a 30-kilometre (19 mi) dam across the gulf.[2]

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Coordinates: 21°30′N 72°30′E / 21.500°N 72.500°E / 21.500; 72.500

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