Guillaume-Antoine Olivier

Guillaume-Antoine Olivier
Born (1756-01-19)19 January 1756
Died 1 October 1814(1814-10-01) (aged 58)
Nationality French

Guillaume-Antoine Olivier (19 January 1756, Toulon 1 October 1814, Lyon) was a French entomologist.


Olivier studied medicine in Montpellier, where he became good friends with Pierre Marie Auguste Broussonet. With Jean Guillaume Bruguière and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, he collaborated in the creation of Journal d'Histoire Naturelle (1792). Afterwards, he served as a naturalist on a 6-year scientific journey that took him to Asia Minor, Persia, Egypt, Cyprus and Corfu. He returned to France in 1798 with a large collection of natural history specimens from his travels. Later, he was associated with the École nationale vétérinaire d'Alfort, where in 1811, he was appointed professor of zoology.[1] Olivier was a close friend of Johan Christian Fabricius and a patron of Pierre André Latreille.[2]

Although primarily an entomologist, Olivieri also worked in the scientific field of herpetology, describing several new species of Asian lizards.[3]


A plate from Entomologie, ou histoire naturelle des Insectes, 1808

Olivier was the author of Coléoptères Paris Baudouin 1789 -1808 (11 editions),[4] Entomologie, ou histoire naturelle des Insectes (1808) and Le Voyage dans l'Empire Othoman, l'Égypte et la Perse (1807). He was a contributor to Encyclopédie Méthodique.


Today, most of his collection is housed at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris.[5]

A species of lizard, Mesalina olivieri, is named in his honor.[6]


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