Guido Herzfeld

Guido Herzfeld
Born 14 August 1851
Berlin, Prussia
Died 16 November 1923
Berlin, Germany
Occupation Actor
Years active 1914–1923 (film)

Guido Herzfeld (14 August 1851 – 16 November 1923) was a German stage and film actor. Herzfeld established himself in the theatre in the nineteenth century. In 1914 he made his film debut and went on to appear in over sixty films before his death.

His notable screen roles include appearances in Ernst Lubitsch's comedy Shoe Palace Pinkus (1916)[1] and Victor Janson's First World War propaganda film The Yellow Ticket (1918).[2] In 1920 he played the lead in Ewald André Dupont's Whitechapel (1920).[3] His final appearance was in the comedy The Grand Duke's Finances (1924).[4]

Selected filmography


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