Location in Cameroon

Coordinates: 9°56′3″N 13°56′55″E / 9.93417°N 13.94861°E / 9.93417; 13.94861Coordinates: 9°56′3″N 13°56′55″E / 9.93417°N 13.94861°E / 9.93417; 13.94861
Country Cameroon
Province North Province
Division Mayo-Louti
Elevation 337 m (1,106 ft)
Population (2002)
  Total 65,165

Guider (sometimes spelled Guidder) is a city situated in Cameroon's North Province, close to the border with Chad. It has a population of 65,165.[1] The city is home to Espérance FC of the Cameroon Premiere Division.

Guider is the departmental capital of the Mayo-Louti.


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