Grumpy Old Women

For the live show, see Grumpy Old Women Live

Grumpy Old Women

Grumpy Old Women title card
Created by Judith Holder
Starring Jenny Eclair
Sheila Hancock
Jane Moore
Kathryn Flett
Narrated by Alison Steadman (Series 1-2)
Judith Holder
(Series 3)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Judith Holder
Running time 28 Minutes
Original network BBC Two
Original release 25 December 2004 – 24 August 2007

Grumpy Old Women is a British television series, continuing in the same vein as its predecessor, Grumpy Old Men. Both programmes are shown on BBC Two. The first two series were narrated by Alison Steadman, and the third by Judith Holder (who is the 'grumpy old woman' in the clips). The show started as a special one-off Christmas special; however, because of its popularity, it spawned a regular series, a book (see below) and stage show.[1]


Narrators 2004 2005 2006 2007
Alison Steadman 1 episode 4 episodes 4 episodes
Judith Holder 4 episodes


Contributors 2004 2005 2006 2007
Lesley Joseph 1 episode n.a n.a n.a
Jenny Eclair 1 episode 4 episodes 4 episodes 4 episodes
Jane Moore 1 episode
Linda Robson 1 episode
Ann Widdecombe 1 episode
Jenni Trent Hughes 1 episode
Maureen Lipman 1 episode 4 episodes
Dillie Keane 1 episode
Arabella Weir 1 episode
Germaine Greer 1 episode 4 episodes
Sheila Hancock 1 episode 4 episodes
Jilly Cooper 1 episode
Kathryn Flett 1 episode
Michele Hanson 1 episode
Bonnie Greer 4 episodes
India Knight 4 episodes
Angie Le Mar 4 episodes
Nina Myskow 4 episodes
Stephanie Beacham
Annette Crosbie
Muriel Gray
Indira Joshi
Helen Lederer
Aggie MacKenzie
Esther Rantzen
Pam St Clement
Kim Woodburn
Helen Lederer
Lynn Barber 4 episodes
Sheila Ferguson 4 episodes
Lynne Franks 4 episodes
Fiona Phillips 4 episodes
Charlie Hardwick
Eve Pollard 4 episodes


Series One

Ep No Prod Code Original Air Date Episode Title Episode Synopsis Ratings
1x01 CHOL01 21/12/04 The Christmas Special Coming Soon 8.9 Million (12% Of Share)
1x02 1GOWO01 25/02/05 It's All Falling Apart Coming Soon 4.6 Million (7% Of Share)
1x03 1GOWO02 04/03/05 Life's No Fun Anymore Coming Soon 5.2 Million (9% Of Share)
1x04 1GOWO03 11/03/05 Boiling Point Coming Soon 6.7 Million (5% Of Share)
1x05 1GOWO04 18/03/05 Stuck In The Middle 9.8 Million (14% Of Share)

Series Two

Ep No Prod Code Original Air Date Episode Title Episode Synopsis Ratings
2x01 2GOWO01 26/05/06 Hard Work Coming Soon 3.4 Million (5% Of Share)
2x02 2GOWO02 02/06/06 Call Me Old Fashioned Coming Soon 11.4 Million (18% Of Share)
2x03 2GOWO03 09/06/06 Am I Bothered? Coming Soon 10.9 Million (16% Of Share)
2x04 2GOWO04 16/06/06 High Anxiety Coming Soon 12.7 Million (14% Of Share)

Series Three

Ep No Prod Code Original Air Date Episode Title Episode Synopsis Ratings
3x01 3GOWO01 03/08/07 It's Just Everything How computers run everyday life.
3x02 3GOWO02 10/08/07 Beat The Clock
3x03 3GOWO03 17/08/07 My Family and Other Animals
3x04 3GOWO04 24/08/07 This Wasn't Going to Happen to You

Book reference

Live Show

for more information, see Grumpy Old Women Live

In 2005, a live show was formed, and went on a sell out national tour, as well as a spell in Australia.


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