King of Duklja
King of Duklja
Reign 1118–1125
Predecessor George
Successor George (reinstated)
Died 1125
Burial Church of St. George, Bar, Montenegro
Father Branislav

Grubeša Branislavljević (died 1125) was Prince and ruler of Duklja and Bar, Montenegro, from 1118 to 1125. After the Byzantine Empire defeated George of Duklja in 1118, Grubeša assumed the Doclean throne as a Byzantine protégé. The Byzantines entitled Grubeša the rule in Duklja, as well as providing him with an army that he would command against George, who was backed by the Serbian Grand Principality under the rule of the Vukanović dynasty. Grubeša reigned until his death in 1125, when he was defeated by George. He is buried at the Church of Saint George in Bar.

Political offices
Preceded by
King of Duklja
(Byzantine vassal)

Succeeded by
George (reinstated)
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