Grigore Tocilescu

Grigore Tocilescu

Professor Grigore Tocilescu
Born 26 October 1850 (1850-10-26)
Fefelei village, Mizil town, Prahova County, Romania
Died 18 September 1909(1909-09-18) (aged 58)
Bucharest, Romania
Citizenship Romanian
Nationality Romanian
Fields History, Archaeology, Epigraphy, Folkloristics
Institutions Romanian Academy
Known for Marele Dicționar Geografic al României, research on Dacia

Grigore George Tocilescu (26 October 1850 – 18 September 1909) was a Romanian historian, archaeologist, epigrapher and folkorist, member of Romanian Academy.

He was a professor of ancient history at the University of Bucharest, author of Marele Dicționar Geografic al României (The Great Geographical Dictionary of Romania), general secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Teaching and multiple times senator, with conservative political views. Tocilescu is one of the first Romanian historians who focused on the study of civilizations in ancient Dacia. As a folklorist he collaborated on the publication of a folkloristics compendium.



After finishing the primary and secondary school Ploieşti, Tocilescu went to Bucharest where he graduated at the Saint Sava National College. He then studied in universities in Prague and Vienna, where he obtained the Doctor of Philosophy title and the license to practice law. Back in Romania, in 1881 he became professor of ancient history and epigraphy at the University of Bucharest.


In 1884 the Archaeological Seminary's Library was established through Professor Tocilescu's grant.

At the death of Romanian historian, Romantic author, academic and politician Vasile Alexandrescu Urechia, November 21, 1901, Tocilescu delivered the funeral oration.


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