Greve station

S-train station

Greve Station
Location 6 Stationsholmen, Greve Strand
Coordinates 55°34′54″N 12°17′48″E / 55.58167°N 12.29667°E / 55.58167; 12.29667Coordinates: 55°34′54″N 12°17′48″E / 55.58167°N 12.29667°E / 55.58167; 12.29667
Owned by DSB
Platforms Island platform
Tracks 2
Preceding station   S-train   Following station
toward Farum
toward Køge
toward Hillerød

Greve station is on the Køge radial of the S-train network in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the middle of three stations in the urbanized coastal end of Greve municipality, and serves the mainly residential areas Greve and Mosede.

In this area, the twin railroad sits on a ridge raised above the surrounding terrain. Greve station has a single platform between the two tracks, running in a south-western to north-eastern direction. The platform can be accessed via staircases at both ends, but facilities such as the elevator, automatic ticket machines, the adjacent convenience store and bus stops are "concentrated" at the south-western end. Likewise, the "short" S-Trains (4 carriages rather than 8, used outside rush hours) also stop at this end of the platform.


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