Greetings from Jerusalem Avenues

The Palm at Charles de Gaulle's Roundabout in Warsaw.

Pozdrowienia z Alej Jerozolimskich (meaning "Greetings from Jerusalem Avenues") is an artistic construction in the form of an artificial date palm, designed by Polish artist Joanna Rajkowska, located on the Charles de Gaulle's Roundabout (rondo gen. Charles’a de Gaulle’a) in the Polish capital of Warsaw since December 12, 2002.[1]


The palm, being part of the Pozdrowienia z Alej Jerozolmskich, was inspired by Joanna Rajkowska's and Artur Żmijewski's visit to Israel in 2001. The initial idea was to construct an espalier of the artificial date palms, but instead of the espalier Joanna Rajkowska chose to construct one palm.[2]

The designer treats her artistic construction as Leftist.[3][4]


The palm was made by an American company Soul-utions.Com. The palm was made using synthetic organics and natural materials. The palm has a height of fifteen metres, and is waterproof. The palm's stability is supported by concrete prefabricates.[5]


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